With so many choices . . . why is the Tenant File a favorite?
It has the features, the ease of use, and the support!

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Why should you purchase 'desktop software'? Isn't most everything going to the 'cloud'?

The 'cloud' is just a fancy way of saying that your data is distributed over a large number of servers on the Internet. Your data might not even be in the United States even, it could be in a foreign country. The advantage is that you can download information onto multiple devices. But that might not be an advantage for your business. Here's why.


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#1. Because your data is scattered out there is a potential for loss. You'll hear a lot about 'redundancy' but your data is out of your hands, and that is a fact. You are responsible for the accounting for yourself and possibly a number of others. It is worth the risk that their information could be compromised?

No Work for Property Manager#2. What happens when the Internet is down? Your entire property management business is also down. With desktop software at least you can take in rents and provide statements for your owners. According the Forrester Research 27% of all companies using the cloud had a 'disaster' within the last 5 years! The research report continued "Clients/customers should understand that cloud computing also can fail and result in major disaster for the business. The notion that it is absolutely safe on cloud is wrong."

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#3. Transferring all that data over a number of servers takes time. That is why other web based software is 'sluggish'. The Tenant File updates instantly and doesn't have those frustrating delays.

MoneyLostOnOtherSoftware#4. With web based software you'll be paying a monthly fee. Sound good? Look at the numbers closely. Typically you'll pay at least $50.00 per month, so you are really paying $600.00 each year forever. You never own the software and are at the mercy of whatever your company decides to charge in the future, or else you'll have to re-enter all of your data. Don't fall for that financial trap.

When you are looking for management software, don't forget to consider the 'hidden fees' that you will end up paying. Here are some of the charges that you should ask about, and reasons why desktop software is preferable for rental management software.

#1. Required updates - some companies 'require' you to purchase an update every few years. We don't. We'll let you know what is new, but we'll still provide support for all Tenant File users even 3 versions backward.

#2. If you miss an update, you'll have to pay full cost to get caught up - not with the Tenant File, all missed updates are 50% off if you purchase them later with a current update. And, any update has never cost more than $140.00 in our entire history.

#3. High tech support costs - a lot of companies charge outrageous amounts to provide some simple support. We provide 2 months of free phone support to get you going, then free web based and fax support after that, for all users with one of the last 3 versions.

#4. Training costs - the best way to avoid training costs is to make the product simple. So most of our users don't require training. However, if you want to train several employees at once, or just want to learn some time saving tips, we do offer training at a reasonable cost.

#5. Optional costs - the main program is very comprehensive so you shouldn't need to worry about extra costs. We do have some add-on options such as additional forms, tax programs and other services, and all are priced very reasonably.

#6. Networking - one of the huge 'add on' costs with other programs is entirely free with the Tenant File.

There are just a few things to consider with purchasing software for your business. Please try out the software for free, or give us a call at 1-800-398-3904 if you want to discuss anything further. Thank you!

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