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The easy way to put listing on the web!

Broadcast your vacancies to the web, create a web listing, or create a Craigslist ad with just a few clicks.

The basic RentalWIZ service is free for a whole year if you have the current Tenant File Version 8!

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With the RentalWIZ service, you are able to upload your vacant properties to your own personal web page on the Internet. Normally, ad space that actually garners views can cost landlords quite a substantial amount, but property owners that are utilizing the RentalWIZ service for our rental property software can find access to a number of Internet outlets to post their vacancies at a minimal cost.


Upload your vacant properties to your own personal web page on the Internet

* No skills needed – automatic page creation
* Upload photos easily with just a few clicks
* Includes details/ammenities on your page
* Choose from vacancies or expired leases

Send your vacancy information over the Internet to major Internet search engines


Automatically syndicates to a growing list of free listing sites, such as Google Base, PadLister, and others Instantly create Craigslist HTML for pasting into your classified ad.

Create attractive flyers for your vacancies
(requires paid subscription)

Create flyers with up to 5 photos that can be printed, exported, emailed, or saved in HTML for your website. Flyers contain your contact information, detailed features, and a description.

vacant home for rent upload


Upload photos easily to your FREE web page. Give your web listing address to your prospective tenants, use in emails, or post on your own website.

In two simple steps you can upload your photos to your web page so it can be included with your listing.

Rental Screen

Display your current vacancies, tenants that will be soon moving out, or tenants with leases that are about to expire. Choose any listed rental to see the full features list for that rental unit. Easily ake any additions or changes that you need. Then, simply click the 'Create Listing' button to send your listings to your own web page. Immediately display your listings by clicking on the 'Go To Listing Website' button.

Next, upload your information all over the Internet with one click - 'Syndicate Selections to the Web'. This is send your information and photo to Google Base and a growing list of other popular real estate sites.

You can even create the html code to paste into your Craigslist ad. Now prospective tenants can find you when they are searching the Internet for a rental. They contact you directly through your listed phone number or email address.

Here is a Sample Web Page Listing:

Web Listing Sample

This is a sample of how your listing will look. This web page is optimized so that it can be easily found when a prospective tenant types in your city, state, or general location.

Your listing includes detailed features, a description, and a map.

All of your contact information is prominently displayed so a prospective renter can easily get in touch with you.

Flyer Creation

Creating a flyer is very easy, because all of the information has already been entered into the Tenant File or RentalWIZ.

All you have to do is to choose the photos that you want to use. You don't have to have 4 photos, but that will leave a blank area on your flyer.

Simply choose the rental unit address and the available photos will be displayed. Then select the photo position in one of the drop down boxes below the desired photo.

When you are ready, click on the 'Create New Flyer Now' button and your flyer will be created.


Here is a Sample Flyer:

Flyer Sample

Here is a sample flyer that you can create. It only takes a few clicks and you have a flyer.


This flyer can be printed or saved in other formats such as PDF so that you can upload or email the file to prospective tenants.


You can even save in HTML format so that you can upload a web page to your own website.

That is all there is to it. It has never been so easy to upload your vacant listings to your own personal web page, syndicate those listings throughout the entire Internet, and create a flyer in mere seconds.

As you can tell, the RentalWIZ service is very user-friendly and intuitive. Creating your own postings, hosting your own web space, and coding your own postings can prove to be a substantial loss of time and effort. Without RentalWIZ and Tenant File, you’ll end spending all of your time updating and servicing your post when you could be doing what you do best: managing your property.

For any questions about RentalWIZ call 1-800-398-3904. For Tenant File 8 users, the basic service is free and there are 2 other levels to add more listings, more photos, and more features!

Thank you!