What do you do if you get an error message?

Most common error messages have to do with corrupted data in your database. If you suspect this is the problem, the first thing to do is to back up your database files. Next, from the Main Menu, go to 'File', then 'Database Maintenance', and run 'Repair Active Files', and 'Compact Active Files'. Also run the 'Check for Link Problems' option. The 'Database Maintenance' and 'Check for Link Problems' routines should be run periodically (once a month or so) to keep your database in good, efficient working condition. Be sure to backup your database often as well - preferably every day of use, using rotating media.

If you receive and error message such a 'invalid database format' or 'unable to recognize database' or 'not a valid Microsoft Access database', then your database is corrupted.  This can happen if you have a power outage or surge while using the database or if your computer hard drive has errors. You will need to restore your last good backup into the Tenant File, by using Windows 'copy' and 'paste' functions to copy the good database into your Tenant File folder. Sometimes, our programming department can restore a corrupted database for you. If you want us to try, attach your corrupted database (TFDATAFL.MDB) to an email to , explain the problem, and leave your contact information. If we can repair the corrupted database, then there will be a $60.00 service charge for the repair. There will be no charge is the database is not repairable.


To download the Tenant File Database Repair and Inspection form for your main database, click here.


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