When Tenants Go Sour: How to Avoid Bad Tenants

Here at Tenant File, we’re constantly stressing the importance of finding a tenant that is a perfect fit for your home. While there are certain steps you can take prior to renting out your home to them (check out our video on tenant screening here), can you guarantee that your tenant won’t go bad? Realistically, […]

Holiday in the Sun: How to Find the Perfect Vacation Home

What do you want to look for in a vacation home? With summer slowly approaching, the clock is ticking for people who are trying to find the perfect vacation home. Here at Tenant File, we’ve compiled a checklist of the top 5 things you should look for when trying to find your summer rental. 1. […]

Keeping Good Tenants – Top 5 Tips for Tenant Retention

At Tenant File Property Management Software, we recently covered the importance of tenant screening. But once you have a good person chosen and moved in, how do you ensure tenant retention? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tips for keeping good tenants that you should be sure to use if you want to […]

Tenant Screening

It’s important to know a few things about your future tenant so that you don’t regret the decision to rent your home to them. Tenant File provides an easy and quick way to screen tenants here.

Life’s A Stage: The Importance of Staging

Staging your way to success! Recently at Tenant File, we read a BuzzFeed article about the importance of using good photos when posting real estate listings. Making sure your real estate listing looks good is crucial because its the first image that people see of the property, and creates an idea in their heads of […]

Renting vs. Buying

Getting a Real Estate License

Do you have what it takes to get your real estate license? Most likely, you do!  Basically, getting a real estate license is like getting a college diploma…you have to take and pass the course (classes) to get the license (diploma). The requirements for the license vary from state to state but have the same […]

Taking Care of a Home That’s Not Really Yours: Why Tenants Should Take Care of their Rental Home

  It is no secret that homeowners are very keen on taking care of their homes; there is a constant desire to make sure one’s home is always in a perfect state. For a homeowner living in their own home, there is no question about who needs to be maintaining the homes condition, the responsibility […]

Moving to a New Town: Renting vs. Buying

Why renting should be your #1 choice when moving Whenever you’re looking to move to a new town, the first thing you need to worry about is where you’re going to live. This brings up the question: is it better to rent or buy a home? Though buying a home does provide you with a […]

Pets and Rental Properties: The Great Debate

Should your property be pet friendly? A while back on the Tenant File Property Management Software Blog we covered the things you need to be aware of when you’re screening pet owners as potential tenants (check it out here). Now, don’t think that making your property pet friendly is going to cause you problems! There […]