Property Manager Security Alert

A higher rate of urgency does not imply ever-present panic, anxiety, or fear. It means a state in which complacency is virtually absent.” – John P. Kotter It’s getting to where we are reading about new data security breaches nearly every day, but this last one is a ‘doozey’. It is the giant JP Morgan […]

Are you NUMB to the News or ALARMED about the Latest Internet Security Meltdown?

If you are in the property management business you should be alarmed. ANOTHER major security breach, in fact the largest in the history of the Internet – only 1.2 BILLION (yes, with a ‘B’) ID’s were stolen by a ‘Russian gang’. Not to mention, also 500 million email addresses, possibly yours. By the way, the […]

3 Reasons Why Landlords Lose Money

As a landlord, your goal is to make money right? Of course, but sometimes even the most experienced landlords leave money on the table. A bad tenant can leave you tired, frustrated, and you may want to just get on with other business. But, if you expend a little more effort, you can get some […]

Cross-Promoting with Local Businesses – A Guide for Real Estate

Despite all the depressing economic news, it can actually opens up a lot of new doors for property managers to lower their vacancy rates and incorporate new business strategies that can pay off in spades over the long haul. It’s important to keep the traditional marketing strategies alive and well. And one of the most […]

Using Your Job Background and Skills to Go Into Real Estate

There are several different avenues that may lead one to a property management career. Your background may be in real estate, finance, law, or marketing. Or you may simply find yourself wanting to utilize certain qualities or characteristics, such as dealing with people on a consistent basis, problem solving, or multi-tasking. In real estate, elements […]

How Do You Know Your Real Estate Business Is A Success?

While profitability is one great sign of success, there are also many other less tangible indicators that your real estate business is doing well. Following is a list of ten signs you’re running a good business.   Your vacancy rates are low. Low vacancy rates can mean any one (and often a combination of) several […]

Does Your Real Estate Work Manage You?

This should be on your mind every day. Why? Because real estate is an industry that can make or break you! As real estate professionals we are the ultimate in multi-tasking. We know that anyone can become a real estate professional, but the ones that truly standout are the ones that manage their building. Not […]

How to Promote Your Real Estate Business Through Social Media

Social media has so many benefits and ways to build your profile and your business — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and the list goes on. If you’re not all over it, do it now. And if you don’t know how to do it, get someone to show you how. With print advertising costs skyrocketing […]

How to Keep Real Estate Clients

To achieve retention, you must build a loyal, skilled real estate team. Then, using that team, you have to build a loyal customer-base. What follows are six strategies that guarantee client retention.   Consistent Client Induction Just like you induct your team, you must induct your clients too! Any affiliate service (and tenant!) you deal […]

Growing Your Property Management Sales

So what can you do to grow your property management sales? Here are some tips to follow to achieve property management sales success:   Tip 1 Recognize the fact you will be inundated with business-related tasks. Now, get to it.   Tip 2 Remember that a sales goal without a sales plan is a sales […]