Tenant File 1099 MISC Program - You can create forms and reports for your Owners and Vendors! NOW WITH EXPORT CAPABILITIES!

* The new Tenant File 1099 MISC Program is $49.95 for the first year and $29.95 for annual renewals.


1099 MISC User's Guide
1099 MISC Users Guide

The 1099 MISC Program prints on your pre-printed forms and reports for Owners or Vendors. The information is gathered between any 2 dates from your existing files. Prints 1099s for your Owners and Independent Contractors. You can even export your data to a CSV (comma separated value) file for eFiling your information though a 3rd party.


Tenant File 1099 Main Screen


The main screen gathers all of the information need to create your forms. Just browse to the location of your Tenant File database, and fill in the information on the screen. A second screen under the 'Select Income Categories' button picks the Income Accounts you want to use.


Income Categories


The transmittal form prints a summary of either your Owner or Vendor 1099 Forms. You can enter the data yourself if you wish.



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